Misdirected Energy

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Misdirected EnergyHow is it that a system can simultaneously master the art of resisting reform and stick to the path of least resistance? Such is the conundrum facing public education.

That our schools are impervious to fundamental change (fads-of-the-month notwithstanding) is well established. Joe Williams (“Games Charter Opponents Play”) recounts the imaginative means school districts find Continue reading

New Article: Palace Revolt in Los Angeles

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New Article: Palace Revolt in Los AngelesAn article by Bruce Fuller that was just published on the Ed Next website (and will appear in the Summer 2010 issue of the magazine) looks at the ups and downs of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in Los Angeles.

In the article, “Palace Revolt in Los Angeles?” Fuller recounts how Villaraigosa has united working-class Latino parents, civil rights leaders, and big-money Democrats to challenge Continue reading

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Accountability Comes to Physical Education

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Accountability Comes to Physical EducationAs policymakers call on schools to help combat childhood obesity, Education Next takes a close look at an innovative P. E. class that holds students accountable for how long and how hard they work out.

In February, First Lady Michelle Obama launched her “Let’s Move” initiative, which aims to fight childhood obesity by, among other things, increasing Continue reading

A Modest, and Perhaps Naive, Proposal

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A Modest, and Perhaps Naive, ProposalYesterday the Board of Education for the city of Los Angeles voted to allow private operators to run up to one third of the district’s public schools. The decision comes on the heels of other major cities – New Orleans, Philadelphia, the District of Columbia – who decided to hand significant portions of their public schools over to charter companies. And in some cities, notably Milwaukee, Continue reading

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Review of Life of Fred

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Review of Life of FredI first encountered the Life of Fred series of math textbooks, written by Stanley Schmidt, when I heard the girls in one of my homeschool science groups talking about them. The girls were quite enthusiastic about the books, which immediately piqued my interest, as children rarely get excited about textbooks of any variety. I have since read two of the books Continue reading

Bedrest Didn’t Stop Us

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Bedrest Didn't Stop UsWhat do you get when you combine a 5th grade class, a home-bound teacher, and exciting new technology? A virtual teaching initiative!

When I went to my doctor last week for a routine check-up, I was sent straight to the hospital. Thank G-d, my unborn child is perfectly healthy, but is in a rush to join the world well before its due date! After being monitored for a couple Continue reading

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Basic First Aid: Ensuring Safety at Home

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Basic First Aid: Ensuring Safety at HomeTips for parents for learning first aid techniques and baby-proof their homes.

Although home is the safest place for a child, parents must learn some primary first aid techniques for ensuring their kids maximum safety at home. Most parents share the responsibility of child care, but for obvious reasons a mother spends more time with children. Therefore it is important for parents, particularly Continue reading

YES Country Networks Bring Youth Leaders and Policymakers Together for Joint Action

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YES Country Networks Bring Youth Leaders and Policymakers Together for Joint ActionIn preparation for YES 2002, young people on every continent have organized YES Country Networks to focus attention on the issue of youth employment and to create a structure that will respond to the Summit’s call for a Global Campaign for Youth Employment.

YES Country Networks are led by groups of young people motivated to transform their communities. The organizing Continue reading

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TimeoutWhen a lawsuit charges a school with violating the Constitution by using timeouts to control a violent child, judicialization of education has arguably reached a new extreme. Yet federal appellate judges resisted intervention, and instead showed that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), when followed to the letter, may protect school officials from liability.

A mother Continue reading

Physical Development Milestones: 3rd Grade

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Physical Development Milestones: 3rd GradeThird graders are ready and eager to learn about physical education. While they continue to test their skills, they also display an intense curiosity as to how it all works, and they delight in their newfound physical abilities. Here are some examples of third grade movement milestones:

Motor Skills

Third graders like to move with purpose as their movement skills improve. Your Continue reading

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